Monday, 20 April 2009

Quilting Groups

Thank you for all your lovely comments - both about my quilt and about blogging, it is really encouraging.

The internet seems a great way to share our great passion for quilts and the online festival has certainly brought a lot of quilters together.
There are lots of online groups too, I belong to British Quilt List
which is a very active group and has an exciting monthly challenge. I joined recently and wasn't too impressed with my first challenge quiltlet on a handbags theme- tried to do too much but learned to KISS (keep it simple sweetheart) - but it's great to see everybody else's interpretations of the challenge.
I also belong to the KiwiQuilters
where all the talk at the moment is of the Symposium, the New Zealand quilt show which was held in Wellington this year.
At present I'm learning what I like to do in quilting and what I'm not so keen on. I really enjoyed the foundation piecing process for the BQL challenge but wasn't so keen on the applique aspects!!

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I really appreciate your lovely comments, ideas and opinions, they make my day. Thank you for visiting Piece'n'Peace,
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