Wednesday, 17 February 2016

February Tutorial for the Global Piecers - Wavy Seams

Each month this year members of Global Piecers are sharing a favourite technique as a tutorial, with the aim of creating a mini sampler quilt or table topper with blocks of all the different techniques.  I'm sharing my tutorial here, which is on wavy seams.

I've posted about wavy seams before, when I did a workshop with Jenni Dobson in 2009 and when I did a workshop with Magie Relph in 2010.  Have a look at those posts:

wavy seams tutorial

wavy four patch tutorial

I have also found these interesting posts about wavy seams which give ideas about using them in various ways:

and finally a youtube tutorial which shows how to make a block with wavy seams.

The idea of my tutorial is that you learn this technique and then use it in a way that suits you and your project.  You might decide to make a wavy seams block, maybe the wavy four patch that I did with Magie Relph.  I also thought it might be fun to use wavy seams to piece small pieces of fabric and create the border for your finished project, or the backing.  The possibilities are limitless, just have fun.

I also promised to share a pattern for a foundation pieced pineapple block.  If you had fun with Sal's tutorial on foundation(paper) piecing last month then you will enjoy creating a pineapple block.  Here's a traditional way of doing it:

While looking for this pattern I discovered another site which I am including here because although their pattern is for a smaller block (6" or 8") they do include lots of different ways of using the pineapple block to create stunning designs.

And if you do fancy pineapple but not foundation piecing, try this method by Karin Hellaby:

This is the first pineapple block I made, I used the pattern in Lynne Edwards' sampler book.  I'm looking forward to seeing what you all do with your wavy seams and whether you tackle a pineapple.  My tip for the pineapple block is to check the positioning of each piece of fabric before you stitch it, it is easy to end up with wonky pieces and gaps in your seams - hold the work up to the light to position the piece of fabric you are adding.  My tip for the wavy seams is to abandon the ruler and even the pins if you're confident enough, and have loads of fun.  Happy stitching Global Piecers.