Friday, 31 July 2009

Worry or Quilt?

Well I've had a very successful quilting day today, although not for the best of reasons. My daughter and grandson have had a very difficult day and there was nothing I could do to help except wait and pray, and quilt to keep my mind occupied. Finally all turned out well for them.

I started on a quilt I have had in my mind for a long time, based on a trip to Wester Ross in Scotland (where my quilting guru friend lives). I am using Jodi Barrows "Square in a Square" technique for the first time It's a good system, producing accurate results but it seems to use a lot more fabric than I would otherwise.

You can see the fabrics I've got for the quilt, they represent the colours of this area of Scotland, the mauve heather, the greys of the birch trees, lichens and rocks, the greens of the leaves and mosses, and I also have a black/green for the deep waters of the lochs. I want to add crystals for drops of water and some beading for wild flowers but I'm still thinking about that, so watch this space as they say! And of course I couldn't resist a little bit of "tartan"!!

Thank you for your prayers today, it was really appreciated and they were answered. God bless you.

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