Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Moving and still shaking

Phew, I think we have finally got my daughter and grandson moved! Her new house is piled with stuff, our house is piled with her stuff (we're "just looking after it for a while"....again) but at least her old house is empty, clean and the keys have been handed over. What an exhausting few days, especially as she had serious ex-partner trouble in the middle of it. Her new place is great, the house has a very good feeling, so I'm sure they're going to be happy there (once they get everything straight).

Today is a very lazy day (I'm not sure I'm even awake yet) but I have my sewing group tomorrow and then a few days in Norfolk. I'm not taking my machine this time but have my sewing box packed to the top with hand-stitching. I'm making scissor cases for a local sale in September, have to finish off a New York Beauty block and have a Celtic applique block to sew. I think I'll have to visit Sheila at Sew Creative at Wroxham Barns as I need more fabric and one of those block viewer things, and some more needles, and some thread, and ...

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