Sunday, 22 November 2009

Christmas Decoration Tutorial

I often pop one of these Christmas decorations in with cards to people I know will like them and they're quick and easy to make for craft sales too.  Several friends have asked me how to make them so here goes with my second tutorial (the first one was on wavy seams).

You need to make an equilateral triangle template first - that's the one with equal sides and equal angles if I can just take you back to school maths lessons!  I make the sides 6" this includes a 1/4" seam allowance.

Cut out two triangles in different Christmas fabrics and stitch them right sides together, leaving a short gap.

Turn the right sides to the outside, slip stitch the gap closed and then press the whole piece.

Now the fun bit:

Take the three points of the triangle to the middle (or thereabouts, so it looks even) and put a few stitches in to hold the points in place.

Now turn the decoration over and take the centre of each edge of the triangle to the middle (or thereabouts) and stitch them in place.

Press so that the folded points are open and even.

Add a bead or sequin to the middle on each side of the decoration and sew a ribbon loop to one point.

Hang your decoration on your tree, cupboard knobs, cabinet key.... and admire.

Happy Christmas.

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