Friday, 18 December 2009

Let It Snow

This was the view from the main road as we tried to make our way into town this morning.  Hearing on the radio that a lorry had overturned, blocking the bridge, we decided to turn around and spend the day at home in front of the fire!

Back in our garden I took this photo for my blogging/quilting friends in New Zealand - it can't be that often that you see a flax plant festooned in snow.


  1. The snow is so pretty when it first comes down.

  2. Wow Thanks Lis for the photo's the snow looks so beautiful!

  3. Oh, it looks cold Lis! Not sure I could cope after 11 years in NZ. I'll have to ring the rellies in York and Durham to see how they are doing. Rumour has it father in law is wearing his socks to bed, it's so cold!


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