Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Great Global Christmas Swap 2010

I know it's only August but I received an email from Fiona Marie this morning and it's time to sign up for the Great Global Christmas Swap 2010.  I had such fun doing the swap last year and made friends with Sal in Australia which led to the formation of a small swap group around the world that we call Global Piecers.  (there's nothing on our blog yet but it's a case of watch this space!) So far we have swapped Christmas blocks, Easter pincushions, we're in the middle of a postcard swap, send each other birthday fat quarters and are organising our Autumn and Christmas swaps for this year at the moment.  From such small seeds do exciting things grow. 
Take a look and see if Fiona Marie's swap is for you. I'm certainly going for it again.  There are gorgeous festive bag patterns as part of the swap and the money raised is to help children with cancer.


  1. Thats a great idea Lis, I wonder if anyone is doing one for the knitters and wool lovers?? Will have to do some checking :-)

  2. Hi Lis I've just joined up too and have just received my swap partner who lives in Holland. Your global piecers group sounds interesting. I've done something similar with card swaps. Will have to watch your blog!


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