Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pony Trekking Video

I can't believe I didn't post a video of Sam on his first ever pony trekking experience while we were in Northumberland.  As you can see, I have remedied that :-)
Tomorrow Al and I are looking after the wonderful Sam for a few days.  I'm taking some sewing with me as Sam will be at school during the day.  I should have something to share soon.  I'll be continuing to work on The Wall (thanks for all your encouraging comments, here and on Facebook) and working on a piece based on the colours of the landscapes we enjoyed, especially the heather and the stunning rowan trees which were heavily laden with deep orange berries.


  1. Always a pleasure to see Sam. He's done a lot of riding lately...

  2. That lucky little tyke is always enjoyed to the fullest.


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