Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Frayed Again

Here are two more pieces from the Frayed exhibition currently on at the Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth (see my last post for links).  Again I have included pictures of the information boards.  I went to the exhibition with my friend Ros and she is trying to arrange a visit to the museum for Norfolk quilters which will include a talk by the exhibition curator, Ruth Battersby Tooke.
Ros also forwarded a pdf from the V&A museum about the Elizabeth Parker sampler (previous post) which you can read here:  sampler
and reminded me about the exhibition blog which will continue to be updated:  blog
The exhibit which affected me the most were the Lorina Bulwer embroidered letters.  I have spent several sleepless nights composing and "stitching" letters and am inspired, as several others have been, including textile artist, Sara Impey:
to embroider a letter.  Fortunately, my subjects would not be as distressing as Lorina's.


  1. Sara Impey came and gave a talk at Richmond & Kew quilters, she's amazing!

  2. wish I was closer, this exhibition looks fascinating. love all the stitched letters.

  3. My husband has Gooch's in his family and some of the family still live in Brandon which is mentioned in the Lorina Bulwer embroidery. Probably just a coincidence but interesting. I can see that this is a demanding exhibition but inspiring and moving. Thank you for blogging about it.


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