Friday, 18 July 2014

Where Did That Week Go?

I've noticed that more than one blog I follow has a post called something like, "Where did the week go?" so maybe it's not just me.

The weather has been erratic and we've had to make the most of the dry times to be in the garden and the wet times to do things indoors.  When it's been dry it's been hot and humid, not ideal for any work.

I have been stitching, however, and I have been dyeing.  Tuesday was an embroidery workshop at Country Roads Quilters and I was pleased with my progress.  I blogged about the preparation for this workshop here and now I can share some actual stitching.  It was useful to learn a few tips to keep stitches regular and even but it wasn't the sort of stitching I usually do.

This is more like my usual stitching:
I've just completed this prayer flag for my DS, David, who will be 30 next week. (I know, where did those years go?)

A parcel from George Weil arrived so I mordanted a lot of fabric in preparation for when the urge to dye strikes me, or when I find some wonderful potential dye material.  Exactly that happened earlier in the week when DD, Sara, gave me some eucalyptus prunings.  The mordanted cloth wasn't ready so I made silk bundles and steamed them, this is at the beginning, here's hoping…
I've also been on the computer for many hours this week but not reading blogs, nor writing posts, not even on Facebook or reading emails very much.  I'm trying to co-ordinate a "summit" for some of the members of my Global Piecers swap group.  It seems as if six of us, and our other halves, will be able to get together next Summer so, hopefully, there will be more on that later, we're hoping for a fest of sewing, eating, laughing, talking, exploring and shopping!

Whatever you do this weekend, I wish you a good one, and I hope next week goes a little more slowly!


  1. Your stitching is lovely but I think I'm with you and prefer the Prayer Flag stitching. My weeks fly by as well so you're not on your own. I have so many good intentions, including blogging, and life seems to sweep them away while I'm not looking. Sigh.... Your get together next year sounds very exciting, a great thing to look forward to. Enjoy the weekend and I hope we all get some sleep tonight in this horrid heat.

  2. I'll bet Queenie will be happy to see all that stitching. I like the prayer flags too.

  3. Not my kind of embroidery either, but how interesting those stitches!

  4. Julie is right, Queenie is delighted with your stitches and wonders why you quit TAST??!!

  5. I'm guilty of one of the blog posts! Just three more days then school hols, yippee!


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