Thursday, 6 November 2014

Taupo Power

I got all poetic (and maybe pretentious) and declared to Al that the two things we have enjoyed today have been branches of the same tree.    
In the first the heating, melting and manipulating of a natural material was controlled and exploited by a man to create beautiful things.  In the second the heating of the natural material was powered by the Earth and is really beyond our control (although we do exploit it for hydro-electricity) and beautiful sights are created but destruction (to our lives) can be the result.
Anyway, we firstly visited the studio of glass artist, Lyndon Over, in Taupo and enjoyed his amazing glass sculpture garden.
Secondly, we explored the geothermal environment known as Craters of the Moon, again in Taupo.
I took loads of pictures, here are a few:


  1. Great photos. You are having such a wonderful holiday and definitely thinking more and more about a holiday in NZ

  2. both beautiful in their own way. love the glass flower bed.

  3. Fantastic outdoor scenery! I love the glass garden.
    Today I am meeting up with Julie to go and visit the Yokohama Quilt Show. Wish you were here!

  4. Beautiful glasswork and isn't it eerie watching steam come out of the ground? No wonder that photo reminded me of Iceland when I saw it on Facebook.


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