Monday, 29 December 2014

Winding Up the Year

Shall I yet again apologise for erratic blog posts?  I seem to have got out of the habit, or have nothing to share!  So much so that Jean, one of my dear Indigo Sisters asked whether I had abandoned Piece n Peace.
So, here are a few things to end the year, before "that" post listing aims and projects for a new year!
I bought this needle case in a bric a brac shop and don't think I have shared it before.  It forms part of my decorations for Christmas but I wouldn't use the needles, I think they maybe past their best!

My fellow textile addict in Norfolk, Ros, was in South Africa while I was in New Zealand.  As well as doing some very wonderful work with a small community and their church she had time to shop and brought me home some splendid things.
This is a length of Shwe Shwe fabric cut and hemmed for use as a head wrap.
These are other pieces of locally produced fabrics and they are all gorgeous.  I am not sure how I shall use them as yet, I just keep stroking them and wondering.
Ros also bought me this vibrant bag, hand painted with a lovely elephant design.  I wouldn't like to risk damage to the design so I think I will make this into a cushion rather than use it as a bag.

I have finally got on with some stitching since returning from NZ.  Even though I have a journal full of ideas it took me a while to pick up a needle.  Maybe Christmas got in the way somewhat.  With only three weeks to "do" Christmas I was very glad to find that I wasn't entertaining at all.  DS David took us out for a wonderful pre-Christmas lunch, DD Sara hosted a splendid Christmas Day and Al's son is cooking lunch on New Year's Day.  I have been so lazy and spoilt that I think I might keep my fingers crossed that this year's arrangements become new traditions.
Speaking of Christmas at Sara's, I promised you Sam...
He had a great time and was overjoyed to receive the train tracks he wrote about in his letter to Santa.
And I love this picture of Saz, "Christmas Lunch....Done!"


  1. We all know how you feel , Lis

  2. Travelling, doing Christmas and sorting out lovely new textile items take time away from blogging. That's OK!
    Once we have turned into 2015 you will take up your needle, and start blogging regularly again, I am sure.
    Have a good time!

  3. It's nice to see a post from you again. Blogging ebbs and flows, just like everything in life. Your new fabric is so nice.

  4. happy days always, Lis. nice to see you back. there is no better way to celebrate than with family.


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