Monday, 2 February 2015

Two Sewn, Four To Do

The weekend's work!  So many of you have, like me, spent a lot of this weekend sewing.  In the UK it has been cold, with a lot of places experiencing heavy snowfall and to sit by a fire and stitch was the perfect plan.
The first two, actually the bottom left two, journal quilts from my NZ trip are now joined and quilted.  I've used a large sashiko stitch and cotton perlé for the quilting in the borders and a variety of threads for quilting the blocks.  Again I was caught out by hand stitching through batiks, also known as sewing concrete, and my fingers are suffering a little, but I live batiks!! How we suffer for our art!!


  1. When sewing concrete you need a good thimble and rubber finger tips (or whatever you call the things you put on when counting money or handing paper in an office).
    The result of your pain is great though, and it must have been a good activity during the snowy and cold weekend.

  2. Good sewing weather again today, Lis. :-)


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