Tuesday, 17 March 2015

March 1 - Just Keep Swimming

The inspiration for my journal quiltlet for March comes from several places.  
The text is the most obvious, that great advice from Dory in from "Finding Nemo" is appropriate this month.
But as well as swimming, there is the opportunity to look upwards from the dark and murky waters and see the sun shining down on that water, extending its rays like lifelines.
I have pinned a curved seam, using fabric from February's quiltlet (as per my rules) and some hand dyed cotton.  I am now auditioning fabric for the sunshine and then I will get stitching with gold threads.  
More soon.

In addition I have been making some goodies with batiks for the latest Global Piecers' swap.  We've been a bit quiet recently, it goes like that, but it's good to be swapping again.  These will be for Easter and need to be flying soon!  I can't show more than these pinned pieces, ready for the machine....


  1. You have selected the right fabric for 'sunlight seen from under water'. Did you see this in Malta?

  2. lovely inspiration, wonderful blues.

  3. I love Dory! So many fab quoted! Time to see Nemo again! Enjoy making your quilt let it sounds a great idea


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