Sunday, 10 May 2015

New Zealand Remembered - a finish

I have finished my quilt of New Zealand journal quilts and this afternoon the sun is shining so I have managed to take a picture.
I composed a haiku for each place that inspired me and have written these on the quilt in permanent ink.
The six blocks are:

Top left
"Meeting of the Waters"

Where oceans collide
By pohutakawa root
Spirits travel home.

Top right

Darting dotterels
Glistening white silica
Natural treasures.

Middle left

Ravenous lahar
Consumes express, bridge, landscape
Leaving weeping waters.

Middle right

Shiny jewel box city
Not two hundred thousand souls
All vibrant, singing.

Bottom left

Troll the chilly depths
Tranquility on water
Head in the sunshine.

Bottom right
"Manaia at Huka Falls"

Swirling white fury
Crash over the precipice
Meet still sacred flow.

As well as reminding me of places this quilt is a wonderful reminder of people.  Some friends saw my work in progress, some shopped with me for threads and fabric, some shared the places I visited.


  1. Wowie Lis! That is amazing. Love the haiku too.

  2. Its a wonderful piece of work Lis, you must feel proud.

  3. Its a wonderful piece of work Lis, you must feel proud.

  4. lovely memories, beautiful quilt and words, ENJOY.

  5. A fab reminder and I love the idea of the haiku poems too!

  6. How very creative ... and the haiku too.

  7. You have put so much into this wonderful quilt, thoughts, stitches, words, memories...


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