Monday, 3 August 2015

July Journal Quilt

I'm running a little late but at least I'm running!  I have a whole day to myself, home alone, and I'm going to stitch my journal quilt for July.  The concept is that we are in steady waters, although they are tumultuous below the surface.  As always I am sticking to my self-imposed rules.  I'll (hopefully) post the finished quiltlet later today.  Happy stitching everyone.

Later the same day...

I've just finished the challenge piece for July:


  1. That is certainly worth waiting for.

  2. Steady waters are a great place to float around in for a while while the turbulent waters beneath start to settle. A great lesson I learned from my life coach too. You seem to have found it all by yourself. Hugs

  3. Very pretty, Lis. Love the combinations of blues. Deep waters......a good theme for me too.

  4. Days like that get results like this!!!! Well done x


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