Monday, 28 September 2015

September JQ - Machine Writing

The final four journal quilts of 2015 and going to have their text machined stitched.
This is my first real use of the technique which I learned in a great workshop with Angela Daymond.  Basically, you set the machine up for free motion quilting and then "handwrite" by moving the fabric rather than the pen/machine.  Hmm, if only it was that easy.  I'm not unhappy with my attempts but practising a lot would obviously lead to better results, as with all these things.
Having "written", today I am back to slow stitching by hand and much more relaxed!!


  1. i think you did a great job. i'm not very good at it either but i do love writing with my machine.

  2. always fun to learn new techniques - enjoy the quiet sleep!

  3. I've tried this too. It's fun but as you said practise is needed. Yours looks lovely.


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