Wednesday, 23 September 2009


 I've just been given a link to this blog by Brenda on BQL and it's fantastic.  25 year old US quilter, Leah Day is posting a new FMQ design each day for a whole year, she's on Day 41 so there's plenty to see already and plenty to look forward to.  She has full details, including the inspiration for the design, and tutorial videos.  It's an impressive undertaking and a great resource.  Thanks Leah.


  1. It's a great site, isn't it. And she makes it look so easy too!

  2. I find it fascinating and spent way too long there the other day.....over two hours! did you see her quilt called "Duchess"? It is magnificent.....every time I go back to see the next quilting of the day I think to old is this young lady??? She's really going places and I bet she ends up in quilters hall of Fame one day.

    Happt Sewing

  3. I think she's great. I notice she wears gloves - what are everybody's thoughts on them, I haven't tried them?

  4. I found her site too and I was so impressed I put the link in out club newsletter as 'website of the month'. She is a real inspiration. She said, in reply to a question posted in the comments, that the gloves she wears are the Machinger brand. Apparently she swears by them. I haven't seen them here in New Zealand as yet. I do use gloves which are available here. I just bought a new pair, having worn a hole in the ones I had. They have no branding on the packet and are different from what Leah uses. They look really good. Gloves can be a bit of a pain if you need to take them on and off frequently to remove pins, but they do improve control of the quilt, which makes the quilting much easier to get 'even'. If I ever see the machinger brand here I will get a a pair to try.

  5. I've just bought a pair of cotton gloves with "bobbly" palms from the hardware shop - thought they were worth a try at £1 :) I'm still getting used to them but do think they help. I'm now wondering about the bobbin washers Leah uses...I've spent another couple of hours on her site this evening, she's only been quilting 4 years!!


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