Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas 2011

A quiet start to Christmas with the Nativity figures candle-lit.
Then the party got started:
DGS Sam provided the music;
we played the "Game of Life", DS, DDiL and DD all concentrating hard here;
and my sister provided a lovely Christmas lunch, assisted by my nieces;
an arty shot of the Christmas pudding and it's time we all went for a Boxing Day walk:
I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas, thank you for all your good wishes.


  1. so happy that you enjoyed your day. lovely pics.

  2. Looks a lvoely family Christmas Day Lis. Glad you had a good time. x

  3. yours looks quieter than mine then, great though isnt it, love from tina

  4. Hi Lis, it looks as if you had a beautiful family christmas. I am so thrilled.

  5. Very festive winter Christmas - Lovely family time together - Hugs Nat

  6. How nice, it looks like you had a serene and cosy Christmas, as it should be.
    All my belated wishes to you and your family.

  7. Lovely photos, looks like it was a great day. I really liked the pudding on fire, my mum used to do that all the time and I haven't had any for years. No one else likes it at my house so if I did make it I know I would eat it all....maybe when I'm older and don't care about the waistline anymore ;-) Merry Christmas to you and yours and blessings of health and happiness for the New Year, Jen xx

  8. Lovely photos, Lis. Happy Christmas!


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