Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Having a Great Time

I'm having a very special time at the moment, staying at DD's house and looking after the wonderful Sam while his Mummy has a little holiday in Marrakech.  We thought it was easier for me to stay with Sam so that he can still go to nursery school each morning and has all his own things around.  He is being an absolute star, a super shiny star with extra glittery bits!  I am having a great time (but it's shattering!!)
After school we have been going out, into the city or out to the supermarket. 

Today we are going to a big garden centre to enjoy the Christmas displays and have some lunch.  Sam enjoys being out and about.  I have no idea how I managed to cope with my two children on my own, Al and I seem to be short of hands when looking after Sam between us.
We've had a few messages from Saz, she's been swimming and sunbathing.  We had to de-ice the car before taking Sam to school, doesn't seem right does it? 
Sam is missing his Mummy of course but sums it up as "Gone with Lilly" (Lilly is the friend Saz is on holiday with), I think Lilly is going to get the cold shoulder when they get back!  I'm understanding a lot more of what Sam says due to being with him for a long time and I'm also learning from Mr Tumble - who knew children's television could be so interesting?  Today I've learned to sign "shopping trolley" and "pineapple".
Sewing?  I've done a little knitting and Saz has Sky so I've watched a few crafting programmes but that's about it!  It's FNSI again this week so here's hoping!


  1. Yes it is shattering ;-) Sam is gorgeous, love his long hair!

  2. What a darling little guy! It looks like everyone wins... Daughter gets holiday, and Sam gets quality time with Grandmother.

  3. If I had to look after 4 young children as I did, I am sure that I would not survive a few hours!
    But I understand that you are having a lovely time, I love the tenderness you use when you write about Sam.

  4. Enjoy enjoy enjoy and treasure the time spending with Sam. He's such a cutie with his long blond hair! Marrakesh what fun! We are thinking of going there next August for my birthday but I have to be really, really good from now on hehe!

  5. I'm finding it exhausting being Auntie Benta to a 5 and a 3 year old - and their parents are still here! You are doing a grand job!

  6. At least you get to hand him back over when mum gets home... My children are teenagers now and I wonder how I used to manage... I had 3 under two and a half... and Miss Olivia a few years later... they were fun times but I don't think I could do it again!


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