Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Back to Bach

I'm home after a few days at my bach in Norfolk, the first visit of 2012.  It was lovely to be back, to catch up with friends, to see the sea and to find that the bulbs I planted last autumn have survived mice and other wildlife and will be flowering for us soon.
I caught up with a friend of mine and she has started a new business that I thought I'd share with you.  It'll only be of interest if you're in the Norfolk area and planning a wedding I suppose but here's a plug for Clair and "The Scrapbook Wedding Company", I hope she is very successful with it.
I didn't manage to get to the LQS so that is definitely on the list for the next visit! 
We actually stayed in for most of the time as the weather was appalling, wild wind and torrential rain (not that we don't need the water here in the east) and it was very cold, snow was forecast for Monday morning but thankfully it didn't materialise.  We had plenty to do, getting the bach ready for the new season.
We painted doors, cleaned windows, spruced up the cooker and hung new nets.  DH did manly things with silicon in the shower.  We restocked the cupboard with basic supplies - tea, hot chocolate, pepper and salt, that sort of thing.  We replaced pictures and wall hangings and I added my new quilt, Still Waters Run Deep,  to one of the guest/grandson beds.  It's almost ready.  When we next visit we will (weather permitting) weed the little garden, clean the outside of the windows and then clean out the cupboards and vacuum thoroughly.  How does a place get so dusty when it's not being used?  Then we will be welcoming family and friends to our little haven.
I hope to be able to have a little rest now before the countdown to Japan - I've already realised that some things are just not going to get done before or for the Japanese Textile Study Tour! I wonder if Bryan, our host and teacher, is feeling the same?  Read his post about house renovations here!!


  1. 'Manly things with silicon'?? A whole host of possibilities there, some more appropriate than others :p

  2. Ha ha... Sarah I wasn't going to say anything... I think whatever I have to say should be better left unsaid;O)
    It's nice to hear you got to have some time away at your bach together even if it was for a little spring cleaning.

  3. Dear Lis, this post is lovely, so full of domesticity but what the hell a bach is? If I google it I get information about Johan Sebastian and sonatinas...

  4. Just don't bring any of that crummy weather with you. We've got enough of our own!

  5. Lis - like Blandina, I haven't got a clue what a bach is?? but it sounds lovely. I'm just drifting along and wondering what I've forgotten - and - starting to worry about getting lost in Japan. Been there and done that but I was MUCH younger! See you soon and pray for an early Spring in Fujino.


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