Sunday, 25 March 2012

No More Sewing

Before I go to Japan that is!
I have just finished this bag for the current Global Piecers' swap and it will be flying off around the world in the morning.
I thought it would be interesting to show the version of this bag that I made for myself a couple of years ago, how different it looks in the fabrics I chose.  My swap partner likes bright colours so I think she will like her bag.
The swap was to make a bag to take to quilting group or a workshop.  I find this tote with all the pockets very useful and use it for classes.  It is large enough to hold an A3 cutting board and seems to expand to hold all those things we need for quilting, including lunch.  I popped the leftover fabric in with the bag in case my partner wants to make a pin cushion or bits holder to match.
Today has been a beautiful day after a chilly start and a shock to the system here as our clocks went forward.  I met my DD, DS and DDiL for lunch with DH and had a wonderful time catching up and discussing their plans.  I also ate too much but who can resist chocolate mousse, even after a roast lunch?
Everywhere the countryside is bursting into life, don't these daffodils look cheerful? 
I hope you've had a lovely weekend.  My next post will show the Stitching for Texture workshop results as promised/requested!


  1. Oh How I would like to walk those beautiful country roads of yours...
    You must be getting pretty excited about your trip to Japan now... how many sleeps before you leave?

  2. I lovethe bag, great size, and super roomy pockets. Is it your design? I'm going to pin it and then have a go at making omething similar over Easter hols

  3. Both of those bags are lovely. I like the idea of a place for the lunch so it doesn't get all squished in the bottom. I'm sure it will be an item your swap partener will not be able to live without.

  4. Nobody can resist chocolate mousse at whatever hour of day or night, so darling Lis, do not feel guilty.
    We will walk a bit every day to burn out those extra calories that we accumulate during the winter.
    PS: the bag is, of course, a marvelous piece of your skill.


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