Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sakura, Sumida River, Sushi and Boro

I`ve just read Carin`s comment on my post:
"Anpan Man nursery school, the ride on the Yurikamome monorail, the stroll in Hamarikyu Garden, the trip up cherry lined Sumida river on the waterbus, your sushi lunch, the 'shabby' old kimonos in Amuse Museum, the fortune telling paper, the walk to Uneo, the Italian dinner, the orange creme brule, the ride home on the tube."
Thank you dear Carin, that sums up beautifully our lovely day together and so if this computer turns Japanese again I will finish and at least my dear readers will know what we did.

28th April, home in England now and I am just going to add some photos of my lovely day with Carin, enjoy:

In the wonderful Amuse Museum, Asakusa 
where you can see, touch and photograph old textiles and even try some on.

 At the Asakusa Temple

 Finishing off a great day with a yummy creme brulee!


  1. You will have much to write home about, including computers who prefer you to blog in Japanese! Just keep at it and you will tame that PC in the end. Please enjoy the beautiful weather and your day with Julie.

  2. LOL. I havea song in my head about your computer, can't remember who, but maybe 70s or 80s ... I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so". From what you can tell us it iubds as if you're have a great time :-)

  3. Anpan Man nursery school? I Wanna go there!!! Did you see Jam man?


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