Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Wanderers Return

The end of June!  As DH keeps saying, it will soon be Christmas.  I'm getting back to "normal" now after my final foreign trip for a long time.  I think I must now conserve both energy and money - back to the baked beans and porridge lifestyle.  It doesn't mean I will stop dreaming and planning, my DD has given me the task of finding a holiday destination that fulfills these criteria:
  • not on a fault line (because we've pushed our luck with recent trips)
  • sunny (because life's just better in the sun)
  • with culture, history and ruins (to entertain DD)
  • beyond Europe (for an interesting passport stamp)
  • non-Muslim (for a change of culture from recent holidays together)
  • child-friendly (for Sam)
Ideas on a postcard please!

We had a good trip to Turkey (with some irritations that I won't dwell on as they're finished with) and did several amazing things.  We even went to Greece for the day, to the island of SAMos!!
Darling Sam was happy with a wide variety of forms of transport - car, taxi, aeroplane, coach, porter's cart, bus, boat and dolmus - and the opportunity to swim every day and eat a lot of ice cream and cake.
Saz' highlight was the day we spent in Ephesus .  Only 10% of this massive site has been excavated to date and yet there is so much to see.  It seemed we could still feel the presence of those who once walked through the city, whose feet smoothed the marble streets.
My holiday was made by our visit to Pamukkale, a geological wonder that really deserves to be called  "awesome".
So now it's a day of visiting Sainsbury's, doing the washing and then settling down to watch Wimbledon.  I have blogs, emails and post to catch up with and the garden has "blossomed" while I've been away but I'm relaxed.  A holiday in the sunshine, with my DD and DGS and without a visit to the local accident and emergency department or a trip in a Turkish ambulance, high five!


  1. Welcome back, I missed your posts, your humour and your comments but I see that you had a good use of your time. Porridge and baked beans? The austere diet is definitely worth the trips that you have lately done.
    I have been to Ephesus many, many years ago but I would like to go back and also visit Pamukkale, it looks like a geologist Paradise!
    No textiles while you were there?

  2. Sam looks as though he had a fantastic time too. What a gorgoeus young man :-) Good to see you back.

  3. sounds like such a full and wonderful trip. so many beautiful sights.

  4. onesmallstitch30 June 2012 at 21:25

    you look so happy in the first photo with Sam - well worth the porridge and beans. what, no rice??

  5. Lovely photos, looks like a great time

  6. Welcome home - lots of lovely memories from you trip.

    And here I was thinking you had gone up to your bach!

  7. Welcome home Lis. Your holiday in the sunshine sound wonderful. Sam is cute, glad you all had a great time...

  8. Aussie fulfills all of DD's criteria. Ancient Aboriginal cultures and lifestyles, plenty of sun, European lifestyle, best food in the world, best beaches in the world, lots of sun etc etc etc and all in one city!

  9. Oh and there are also two little boys here who would LOVE to play with Sam!

  10. Fun fun fun!!! Sam looks like he enjoyed his holiday too.

  11. Amazing places you visited (both natural and man-made!! I suspect the photos don't do them justice.
    Sam certainly looks as though he had a good time too. The last picture of him is great!
    Teresa x


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