Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Parcel from Japan

Today I received an exciting parcel from sensei Bryan in Japan
Look at these wonderful stamps, I have a neighbour who is going to be over the moon to get these
I knew the parcel was on the way because I received a demand for money from Parcel Force
I can (just about) accept paying the VAT but the "handling fee" was beyond the pale, especially when Bryan had already paid 2100 yen in postage

Never mind, the contents were well worth the cost and hassle
When we were in Fujino we overdyed skeins of cotton thread that had already been dyed with madder.  We dipped them in the indigo vat leaving some areas of red and letting some areas become a rich purple.  The combined threads, knitted up by Kurihara san, created a harmonious mix of red, white and blue, perfect for Jubilee year and the Olympics (she writes with her tongue firmly in her cheek).  Seriously, I love the accent the madder gives to the indigo blue, a very successful mix I think.  Thanks Bryan and all my Indigo Sisters, we shared the length of knitted fabric.  Bryan suggested making pygamas, I'm wondering whether a skirt is possible...


  1. beautiful. shipping and handling costs are outrageous these days. i think it was blandina who had a similar post just recently.

  2. onesmallstitch3 July 2012 at 20:21

    the red really looks great, can't wait till mine comes. I don't understand the handling charge, either. Aren't they paid to work and isn't their work to handle parcels?? have to wait and see what my charges are...

  3. Beautiful contents ... but paying all that extra??? I don't know how they justify that. If postage doesn't pay all the costs of handling, why would you want to burden someone by sending them a package???

  4. Fab stamps, and gorgeous fabric. Boo to customs extra, it's their job, they shouldn't charge for it!

  5. A skirt would be great so every one can see your fabric.

  6. Why did you have to pay all that extra money? Did Bryan mention what currency the value was? 2000 what? £? ¥? There is a big difference there! However, the fabric is lovely!

  7. wow.....the parcel decoration was worth waiting for alone! the material is beautifulxxlynda

  8. Lovely! But see if you can claim back some of the customs fee - after all, that was a gift wasn't it?


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