Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer time and the living is easy...

I know we Brits go on about the weather but...
Summer has arrived!  
After months of mainly awful weather, a drought followed by incessant rain and grey skies and temperatures that hovered in the low teens, we are finally enjoying some sunshine and warm weather.  I have even been wearing my sunglasses and a summer dress today!
This weekend we have been able to get into the garden, which has looked more like a jungle with weeds enjoying the wet and reaching new heights.  DH did some digging and I removed a lot of weeds. 
We have now planted some veggies, at long last.  I didn't think we'd get anything in this year and, although the soil is still too wet to stand on, we have planted some climbing French beans (green and purple varieties), salad leaves, pak choi and basil plus parsnips and curly kale for the winter.  Monty Don said on Gardeners' World on Friday that it's not too late to plant things - and in fact when I succession plant I find things usually catch up with each other and all arrive at the same time anyway. 
We'll go to the garden centre on Tuesday (after I've been to the dentist, oh joy) and buy some seeds for perpetual spinach and a courgette plant and then that'll be that I think although I do need to get a new batch of strawberry plants, mine are about exhausted and did next to nothing this year. 
We keep finding rogue potatoes and the ones DH found while digging today were very tasty with our lunch!  Here's a picture of one glorious rose that survived the deluge, a gorgeous little harvest that we'll be having for supper and other highlights in my garden this weekend:


  1. Hi Lis, can you take runners from your strawberry plants.I two have rogue potatoes,I had lifted them last year and then my 2yr old grandson had also dug some up.

  2. What a gorgeous rose! Although other things may have suffered roses don't seem to have done too bad this year. We've had so many slugs this year that our veggie patch hasn't done well and things have been got at as soon as they poked through the soil.

  3. Please save some of that weather for me!!!

  4. So glad you are finally getting some sun. ( we have your rain over here now! ) We realise now just how lucky we were with the weather in your part of the world last year when we visited - it was fabulous.
    We all hope it keeps fine for the Olympic Games.Good luck with your late garden might have beans right through Autumn.It's always worth trying.
    Wishing you Good Health, Ali in NZ.

  5. The garden looks great for all that rain. Am sure the veggies will survive and provide a plentiful harvest. I am not a gardener's bootlaces. How I wish I was. Mine is I need os lots of talc and I just can't get interested. Lots of rain here too, but then you'd expect that in winter.

  6. You certainly have green fingers! (as well as, um, colourful hands? - we should have our own version of that expression!)

  7. Home grown vegetables are very tasty and make you feel proud of your work. I had a kitchen garden for a short time and I remember the joy of picking my own produce.
    Beautiful pictures.

  8. Beautiful rose... :O) Hope you are going to keep the good weather for a wee while's amazing how a bit of sunshine can lift your spirits...
    Enjoy your week.


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