Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lunch at the Diner

I had a very tasty lunch with my special people today.  It was DS's choice to go to the Jubilee Garage and I have to say I wasn't over keen, not being a great fan of burgers and hot dogs, but it was his birthday (28, how did that happen?)  Anyway, it turns out that the food is beautiful, very authentic, very tasty.  I had a cheeseburger and it was a delicious piece of meat, as good as any of the diners we visited in Florida a few years ago when we rated our burgers out of 10, mine was easily a 10/10.  The Jubilee Garage was once a garage and was decked out with car parts, oil cans etc etc, a good atmosphere with the Olympics showing on televisions around the bar.
Here we are, ready, steady, go:
My DS, David, and his fiancee, Jessica, 
tackle a cheeseburger and pancakes and chilli with fully loaded fries:
Little GS, Sam, prefers Grandad's chips to his own meal:
DD, Saz, was beaten by the large portions:
But Jessica and David had forgone breakfast and emptied their plates:
Next time we're going to go for a shared nacho platter and leave room for desserts!


  1. looks like everyone enjoyed the food...haven't had a burger and fries in years...looks yummy.

  2. Wow I'm certain no one went home hungry! It looks like you had a nice family outing, Happy Birthday to David from NZ...:O)

  3. Happy Birthday to David. Glad you all enjoyed family time out - Hugs


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