Wednesday, 25 July 2012

What A Day!

As I posted on Facebook yesterday didn't turn out quite the way I expected.
Plan A:  quick trip to the dentist, pop into the garden centre, home to get glam, lunch at the local Italian with friends...
Actual day:
  • half an hour with my mouth open while the dentist did a dressing and temporary crown on my broken tooth and then the decision that I'll have to have an extraction
  • pop into the garden centre for perpetual spinach seeds and courgette seeds (as they were sold out of plantlets)
  • home to get glam
  • stressful phone call from the Job Centre Plus people with way too much information to process but I gathered they will continue to support me with Employment and Support Allowance and are sending all the information in a letter
  • think Al is being silly when he can't seem to remember the friends we are having lunch with...then recall that FAST campaign for strokes and call the GP (as I wasn't quite sure) then 999. 
Then everything got blurred and frantic.  I phoned our friends and the restaurant to cancel lunch (what a waste of make up, Al definitely owes me), and while waiting for the ambulance the dispatcher stayed on the line reassuring us.  What a pleasant surprise and relief when a local guy arrived on the doorstep armed with various medical equipment.  Clive is a member of LIVES and a first responder which is an invaluable service when you live in the rurals as we do.  He stayed with us, monitored Al and was very supportive and then handed over to the paramedics when they arrived.  More tests and checks, and by this time Al was almost back to normal, if rather shattered, and then off he was taken in the ambulance - after a brief moment of hesitation when he realised he'd put odd shoes on while getting ready to go to lunch and would I swap the brown walking shoe for the brown brogue please?!!
I followed the ambulance and in A&E Al was tested, checked, bled, scanned and finally given a nice cup of tea.  He had had a TIA, a transient ischaemic attack, a mini stroke as it's called, a miraculous self-repairing warning of possible strokes to come.  The emergency department at Pilgrim Hospital were really good and Al came home yesterday evening with mega doses of asprin to thin his blood.  We have just had a call from the hospital and he has to attend the TIA clinic this morning for further support and an action plan.  He has no lasting effects at all (although he isn't permitted to drive for a month which might cause some difficulties) which seems to me to be a miracle for which we are so thankful.
It all endorses our attitude of living for the moment - you just never know what's around that corner.
Oh, and while sitting with Al in A&E I managed to finish a piece of sashiko that Carin gave me when I was in Japan - just to reassure you, dear reader, that this is still mainly a stitching blog!!
Thank you to all those wonderful people who helped and supported us yesterday. 


  1. It's just as well we don't know what's around the corner for us all, isn't it .....
    What a harrowing day for you all - I'm so very glad that everything has turned our OK and that Al (and yourself) are getting the backup and support that is required after a medical crisis like this - I hope all is well today and that Al keeps improving under care.

  2. All a little bit scary. I'm glad Al is okay and well done you for recognising the tell tale signs.( get back to normally really soon Al )
    Look after yourselves both of you.Best Wishes from NZ.

  3. Gosh what a day alright! Glad to hear Al is okay now but it must have been all a bit of a shock for both of you. Good on you for recognising what was happening sooner rather than later. Living for the moment is a great motto to live by.

  4. Oh my God, how frightening. This is a very intense period for you, my dear Lis. I am glad to see that you keep a relative serenity that allows you to continue stitching.
    Best wishes to you and Al.

  5. oh scarey for you. glad to hear all is well for now. take good care of yourselves. sending good vibes your way.

  6. onesmallstitch26 July 2012 at 04:23

    oh Lis, take care of yourself as you take care of Al. Live each day to it's fullest. sending love and support through the air waves. I can't believe you had the presence of mind to take your stitching with you.

  7. I am pleased to hear Al is Ok... sounds like he was lucky. My thoughts and prayers are with you both... Big Hugs from NZ

  8. A,m so glad Al is ok. No doubt you will look after him and pamper him. It must have been a hellish day. Take care of yourself too and enjoy life to the fullest as I know you do. Take care and I am thinking of you . Have been at a folk art stitching workshop for 3 days with Sue Spargo. Right out of my comfort zone but relaxing nonetheless. It's great to spend time doing what you enjoy doing.

  9. Sorry to hear about your Husband,email me re TIA's.


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