Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Bojagi Blues

I've finished the final "quarter" of my bojagi, the blues.  I think this is my favourite.  As some of the fabrics are quite dark I decided against adding prairie points to this section. 
Now I need to decide how to assemble the pieces.  I have some vintage grey silk that Bryan shared between all the Indigo Sisters when we were in Japan, I'm thinking of using it as a kind of sashing but I need to do a mock up and have a think....


  1. The blues are beautiful too, Lis. I think I like these the best.

  2. What an inspiration you are. You have really been giving your stitching fingers a workout. Note to self: get on with it and don't procrastinate any longer.................

  3. onesmallstitch19 July 2012 at 04:30

    can't wait to see if you put them all together - and how.

  4. Darling, are you getting some sleep? It seems to me that the only thing you did in the last days was stitching...
    Anyway it was worth!

  5. Love it against the window, super stained glass effect!


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