Monday, 16 July 2012

Bojagi Greens

Thank you so much for all your kind words and virtual hugs, I really appreciate every one of them.
I'm on a bit of a roll with the bojagi and have completed the green section, next up, orange I think.
We are all getting well and truly fed up with the miserable summer we are having in England and in particular, the constant rainfall.  At least we don't feel guilty about sitting indoors and stitching, and, more seriously, at least it is not as bad as in south Japan, the pictures on the news last night were awful.


  1. I am happy to see some more of my fabric being put to good use.
    I am unhappy to see the destruction of my lovely Japan!
    I am happily awaiting a sunny August!

  2. How are you doing those seams, Lis? I seem to have lost my bojagi class folder and while I think I remember how to do the gekki seam, a reminder might be nice before I start mine. The greens look wonderful. Can't wait for the orange.

  3. Love the new header. Ah! The Amuse museum - what memories

  4. Beautiful, Lis! I want to do one too but don't know how to do bojagi seams. hafta find an online class.

  5. Lovely Lis. Is this a second bojagi? I will go and get the books out today to revive it. I still have another ufo piece to finish for Bella. Glad you are feeling better. Our sun is out today so happy :)

  6. What a contrast between your beautiful stitching and the miserable weather! We could do with some of your rain, we have water restrictions, it is forbidden to water gardens and plants.
    The pictures form Japan are awful, poor people.

  7. Sorry to hear that you've not been having a good time recently - sending you a hug. Stitched pieces are looking lovely! They look quite absorbing but relaxing to do - are they? x


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