Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I Say Bojagi, You Say Pogaji

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I have discovered I am not doing my seams properly on my bojagi.  I have been doing a half remembered version of the French seams we did for lingerie in school needlework lessons.  They work, in that they hide all the raw edges of the fabric and create the stained glass effect when the work is held up to the light but I don't think they are as strong as proper gekki seams which are stitched three times, beginning with an oversewn hem.  I will carry on as I am for this project and then try to do it properly for another project I have in mind.
It is so lovely to be hand sewing.  Not only is it easy to have some sewing with me at all times and I can do it anywhere but it is therapeutic to be in close contact with the fabric and thread.  It feels good.


  1. there are lots of versions of the stitching. i would not say yours is wrong...just a different version. it is, in essence, a french seam.

  2. I agree with Deanna. Just a different version. Until I find my notes again, mine will likely be a version of a French seam . The only good thing I remember about a gekki seam is that it lies flat against the fabric as it is stitched down.... I think.......


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