Friday, 27 July 2012

Ring Out Those Bells

This morning at 8.12 we took part in Martin Creed's "All the Bells", twelve hours before the London Olympics begin at 20.12 people all over the country rang bells of all kinds for three minutes.
You'll see that DH is feeling a lot better :-)


  1. Al looks very festive, pleased to see him looking better...:O)

  2. I hadn't heard of ringing the bells, but then I haven't taken a lot of interest in the Olympics as sport doesn't enthuse me. Good to hear that Al is getting better, it's good that things happened quickly to monitor him and get on the road to recovery.

  3. He's looking good. Bet it was noisy in the village with everyone ringing bells. Bet the bell manufacturers were happy too.

  4. I'll bet everyone is geared up for the olympics. I remember what it was like in Tokyo back in '64. Glad Al is feeling better.

  5. It must have been such fun to be part of this. My mother and auntie joined their group of handbell ringers to ring in the middle of our village. I was very sorry to have to drive past on my way to work and miss all the excitement. Later, I opened my car window at the alloted time hoping to catch a ring in the air but no such luck.
    Teresa x

  6. I'm happy to see this special bell ringer joining in.


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