Sunday, 14 October 2012

More Celtic Knots

Today it is pouring with rain and a chilly 5C, but not as bad as in Australia where they are experiencing heavy snow fall :-( 
I have just had a lovely lunch with DSil, DDil and DGS Wills and am now preparing more Celtic knots ready for lots of hand sewing at Country Roads Quilters on Tuesday.  These will be corner blocks for David and Jessica's quilt.  This time I used ready made bias tape.
I ironed the tape onto a silicon sheet first, then peeled it off and transferred it to the fabric, clever eh?
All my unders and overs are correct this time but I will need to ease some of those tight curves as I stitch the tape down.  Off to find a matching reel of Aurifil!

A little "feel good" story that I forgot to post about a few weeks ago:

I was in the LQS with DD and DGS Sam and there were a couple of teenage boys there, trailing around with grandparents (it was the school holiday).  Saz overheard the conversation that went like this:

Boy 1: Oh it's a quilting shop, I've got one of those.
Boy 2: Unintelligible grunt.
Boy 1: Mum made it for me, there's love in every stitch.

Aww, bless him :-)


  1. Beautiful knotted hearts and a beautiful story. Of course there is love in every stitch in a quilt Mum made for you!!!

  2. These look great, Lis! Love the idea of ironing fusible celtic knots onto silicone first - what a clever idea!

  3. Oooh, that's a good idea! Thanks for the tip. Lovely story, nor all grunt and hoidie!

  4. How gorgeous from a teenaged BOY! Lis, that heart Celtic knot is very beautiful. I'm not usually fond of hearts in quilting but this is especially charming. Do you have the pattern? Where would I get it? Another question. Did you put the design onto your fabric with double-sided tape? Do you mean you temporarily attached it and then stitched it on by hand.Not quite sure what you mean. I was lucky when doing my horrid choko vine, I was on a retreat and one of the more experienced women showed me how to ease in the curves. I was having a lotta trouble until she showed me how to do it.

  5. Celtic knot work is fun. I did a design your own knot class many years ago and a Celtic knot worksh was the very first class I went to.

  6. I love the heart design, I haven't seen that one before, very appropriate!

  7. The Celtic hearts are beautiful. This quilt will be stunning. Well done - Hugs Nat


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