Wednesday, 24 October 2012

French Toast Envy

This is a photo I received from my beloved this morning.  Not only is he having a great time in New Zealand (he's in Napier at the moment) but he's eating French Toast!!!  Mind you, he'll need to be building up his strength for all the tasks I've been saving up for him while he's been away :-)


  1. Hi Lis,
    I hope your well and not missing Al too much.
    Hugs Georgie xx

  2. Al is looking so well. It must the air down under that suited him. Stay as long as you like Al hehe!

  3. hiya,you are right about red- kept trying- coulnt get a good pic-- cant believe your hubby is in napier=-always been my dream to emigrate to nz-- and live in napier- yay--art deco lives...

  4. Of course he deserves his French Toast!!

    Why aren't you travelling with him too? Can he be trusted on his own, having all that fun, without you?

  5. don't send him the task list - he might decide to stay!


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