Sunday, 17 February 2013

Stags and Hens Battle It Out

Jessica's Hen Party was a great success.  The sun shone and it was a dry day.  The Stags joined the Hens for a session of Battlefield Live.  I was the official war photographer as I am a pacifist, and between battles I sat and read Pride and Prejudice and drank tea!  So everyone had a great time.
My DS and DDiL to be took it all equally seriously, I think they are well matched.
 DD took it less seriously but had a lot more fun than she expected!
There was a certain amount of fraternising with the enemy!
After a massive clean up job, showers, make-up and bling applied, the Hens went off for a very civilised and delicious dinner at The Crown in Stamford while the Stags went for a curry in Peterborough!
 I survived the evening remarkably well (the second time I've been out in the dark on a Saturday night this year!  I was glad to get out of my heels though, to think I used to teach all day, every day in heels much higher than these!!
Under seven weeks to the wedding, better get quilting!


  1. All seem to have had a great time. Good to see the enemies hugging! They say about high heeled shoes that you need to wear them on a daily bases or you lose your sense of balance. So Lis is it back to teaching or back to quilting?

  2. What a strange tradition! (both the battle and the high heels). Good for you to stick around with the camera. Yes, quilting sounds like a good plan to me.

  3. --you look very elegant in your red heels. I never feel truly dressed-up without heels but haven't worn them since breaking an ankle a few years ago.

  4. What a great idea for the two groups to meet up? Things have changed haven't they, I went for a meal with a dozen friends, and Brian went for a drink with a few friends, and we were both perfectly legal to drive ourselves home again after! I'm not sure I wore shoes as high as yours - actually I'm not sure I've even worn shoes as high as yours! Well done you!


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