Thursday, 7 February 2013

Wedding Quilt - Progress Report

Progress is being made on the Wedding Quilt.
Golly these blocks look wobbly close up - I'm sure they would look better if I could get the camera angle straight on and when the quilting is finished, they are washed and pressed and that blue marker has disappeared.
 English Wedding Ring
Florida Star
 Steps to the Altar
Log Cabin

I had a little meltdown with getting one of the borders straight.  
DH produced a large spirit level.  
I love him very much but I have to say that this is not the most helpful he has ever been.  
Fortunately no blood was spilt!

Added in the light of day:

Aaaagh, I've just spotted (Friday 8th February, 9.35 a.m.) that the English Wedding Ring block is wrong, the triangles are pointing in the wrong direction on the top row.  Why didn't I see this on any occasion I checked it?  That's going to be an awful lot of unpicking.
Thank you for your lovely comments, DH and I are fine, he's a perfectionist and I'm more of a "I've done my best, that's the best I can do".  He didn't say anything about the English Wedding Ring block, I wonder whether he noticed and didn't dare, or whether he didn't notice and I can blame him!!
Ups and downs aside, it is lovely to be working on this quilt.  Especially when I am hand stitching I am able to think about David and Jessica and I'm putting a lot of love into the work.  As Jacquie Harvey says, "love in every stitch".  I'm finding I want to hand stitch it rather than machine it, even some of the straightforward seams, it's more personal.  Two more blocks to hand stitch today for the fourth border, English Wedding Ring (let's see if I can get it right) and Florida Star.  Happy weekend everyone. Lis x


  1. Extremely beautiful work, Lis. The colours are gorgeous too.

  2. This is coming along nicely.
    I've never seen the English Wedding Ring block before. From a distance, e.g. on the picture of the whole quilt, it resembles a rose (an English rose?), don't you think?
    Quilting life, as well as marital life, is full of ups and downs. Just give Al, and the quilt, and yourself, a hug and all will be well!

  3. the quilt is looking bea-u-tiful. good to think "marital bliss" while making a wedding quilt. glad Al didn't come to any harm!

  4. It looks just beautiful, Lis. I like the thought that went into the blocks. I'm sure it will all work out just fine.

  5. Oh wow Lis it is looking gorgeous, they are going to love it!

  6. Love the colours, Lis. Looks as though its going well

  7. You have done lots since I last saw it. Are you going to re do the English wedding ring block? I wouldn't!


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