Sunday, 17 March 2013

International Quilting Day Blues

Yesterday was International Quilting Day and I started out well.  Then it became Unquilting Day.
I'd free motioned my way down one side border of the wedding quilt, a section about thirteen inches wide and five feet long.  I was pleased with it (I'm not the world's best at FMQ).  I spread the quilt out to add the border for the other side and wham!  a massive tuck of fabric the whole length of the quilt appeared before me.  I'd been happily quilting, the backing had been happily wandering about unseen or felt by me.  DH, who shall be forever blessed (and is recovering well from his recent hernia operation but feeling rather bruised still), said,
"Have you got a second unpicker thing, I'll start at the other end and we'll meet in the middle".
There are worse things in life than sitting in front of the fire with your beloved unpicking quilting in companionable silence (and with great concentration).
So, this morning I am going to tackle that quilting again, making sure all the layers are firmly attached to each other.  After that, and the opposite border, it's binding and labelling, I'm nearly there but must remember, 'more concentration, less unpicking'.


  1. Your DH is unique, I understand why you love him so much!

  2. See it this way: if it hadn't been for your 'lack of concentration' you wouldn't have had a romantic day in front of the fire with the most thoughtful man on earth! There is love in every un-picked stitch!

  3. Lis, I KNOW if I tried to use a machine, I would spend my life un-picking! How fortunate to have such willing help.

  4. We'll even forgive him for not knowing the technical name for it - knowing how to use it, and offering to use it is far more important!

  5. He's definitely a keeper!!! A memory you will be able to pass on with the quilt...:O)
    Praying for a speedy recovery for Al too.

  6. That's my favourite trick too. Quilters' husbands are a special breed, aren't they?


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