Monday, 18 March 2013

Our Man in Japan

You might enjoy watching this video of our sensei in Japan, Bryan.  He speaks (in Japanese, with subtitles) about all aspects of his work, raising silkworms, growing indigo, spinning, weaving....
Bryan shared the video on his own blog so I trust he won't be too mad with me for sharing it here!


  1. Greatly interesting!
    'Cool Japan' is a discussion and documentary programme by NHK (staterun TV broadcasting company) on how foreigners look at and get on in Japan. I often watch it but have not seen this one.
    Bryan is such an inspiration to the rest of us 'gaijins' in Japan. I bet he was Japanese in a former life!!!

  2. thank you that was great.
    I know Nat (notjustnat) took a tour there last year but i couldn't go. So interesting!

    1. Sorry you couldn't join us, it would have been great to meet you and it was a fantastic tour. Bryan is doing further workshops, have a look at his blog. Wow, can't believe it was nearly a year ago that I was there.

  3. Wow, it is a bit like going back, isn't it?

  4. Youngest got silk worms one Christmas, and rearing them and watching them spin, cocoon and hatch was amazing

  5. I really enjoyed seeing that video. How I wish I could go there in person! The cherry trees are beginning to open and I am thinking of you. Where did that year go?

  6. ---I gave a slide show and talk on shibori to a weaver's guild yesterday and am preparing a different show for my guild in April -- going over and over our pictures --what wonderful memories! And Bryan will be here in Oct.


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