Saturday, 4 May 2013

Post-Operative Stitches

I have a couple of finishes to share today.  My toe operation was put back by a day and so I had a free day to sew on Tuesday.  I finished my Malta cloth and a little bracelet bag (a kit from EuroJapan Links).
The Malta cloth, "Going Up, Coming Down",  has been a long project.  It started with cloth weaving when I did an online workshop with Jude Hill.  Over two trips to Malta I have added the embellishments, using up cycled fabrics, buttons and embroidery and lace, ribbon and thread bought on the island.  It is finally finished and I am finally happy with it.  I find it difficult to know when a piece like this is finished.  Posts about the project is progress can be found herehere, and here.  I used the piece of eco-dyeing that I did in Malta as the backing and bordered it with a batik to represent the island being in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  I couched a bright cord within the border to represent the many festas and the big carnival that takes place on Malta.
This little bag was quick and straightforward to make.  I bought it as a kit but I think I will be using the pattern again and again.  It's a good size for a little portable project carrier and could easily be made larger to use as a toiletries bag for example.  I didn't quilt the bag but with a plain fabric I think quilting or sashiko would be very effective.
The bracelet bag is photographed against the piece I have been working on this morning.  As well as preparing the boro cloth to stitch during my convalescence I have this lovely piece of dyed cloth to stitch into.  It is a piece of kimono silk that I eco-dyed with Nat in Fujino, using moss, leaves and bark that I collected when we visited a shrine in the foothills of Mount Fuji.
So far I have simply back stitched the outline of the mountain in various places on the cloth using silk threads.  The bottom collection of peaks are stitched in a lovely thread that Carin sent me, it is a very fine perle thread and the green is perfect with the dyed fabric.  The paler threads at the top are YLI and Daruma silks.  I shall also be using some heavier threads that Blandina gave me when we were in Fujino so this is going to be another piece that is full of memories.  I think about those people and places as I stitch.
Not that stitching is that easy.  I thought I would have lovely long days of sitting with my foot up and sewing away to my heart's content.  At the moment I am finding it very hard to concentrate for very long and need to have frequent rests.  I'm sure this will improve, especially when I can manage with fewer painkillers, they make me even more ga-ga than usual!!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend, especially if you're in UK and have three days :-)


  1. What about us in Japan who now have four consecutive days, and have already had an extended weekend? We're in the middle of Golden Week!
    I am sorry to hear you are feeling a bit groggy after the op and taking a lot of pain killers, but the quilting does not show any of this distress.
    The Maltese quilt is packed with charm, the draw string bag makes me think of Hermione Granger's little beaded bag in the last Harry Potter story. Has yours magical powers, too?
    The Mt Fuji and mountain range quilt is going to be another stunner. I am so glad my thread found its way into it.
    Get better soon!

  2. Your Malta quilt is beautiful and I love the incorporation of embroideries into it. The bracelet bag is sweet too and I can see lots of use for similar larger ones. I hope you start to pick up soon. Take care and enjoy the rest.

  3. Lovely to have work that holds memories, hope you quickly reach that lovly stage where your foot isn't bothering you, but you arent well enough to be expected to cope with chores!

  4. What lovely work, Lis. Hope that the toe recovers quickly and that you enjoy the extra stitching time during convalescence. x

  5. love your Malta cloth and such a cute bag. i'm a sucker for little pouches. sending healing energy your way.

  6. Love the Malta piece, I can almost feel the sunshine, can't wait to see Mt. Fuji when finished. Hope each day makes a difference and you're feeling better soon.

  7. Malta cloth is beautiful. I remember you worked on it when you were away. Glad to see you are using your ecodyed piece for something memorable - get well soon - Hugs Nat

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