Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Stitches and Staples

Julie at Mixed Media sent me this wonderful photograph of Fuji san.  I am thinking about how I can represent it in my current project, maybe with a few crystals.  Watch this space.

I went back to the hospital on Monday and had my bandages removed from my foot.  I was wondering how my surgeon's stitching would compare with my own but he used staples, fourteen of them.  The results looks good though.  I now have a pink plaster on for a further four weeks.  I hope I shall get a lot of stitching done in that time.  It has been more difficult than I expected to concentrate following my operation.  On more than one occasion I stitched my Mount Fuji to my skirt and I have done quite a lot of unpicking when I've looked at my stitching and thought, "Did I really do that?"  DH is going to layer my boro cloth for me today so I'll be able to work on that as well.  I also have two Global Piecers birthday blocks to make.  They are going to be hand stitched which I shall enjoy but it will take a lot more time than chain piecing!
Weather update:  winter is back!  We have had a fire for the past three days and last night we seemed to be caught in a wild and wet storm for many hours.  The garden looks very battered this morning.


  1. Happy recovery, Lis. I finally aired out my sleeping bag and packed it away so we will probably get some cold weather. I can not even imagine my husband helping with any aspect of my quilting. You must have trained him well.

  2. The wonderful photo Julie of Mixed Media sent is of a so called 'Diamond Fuji'. Photographers travel from far away and wait patiently at the right spot for the right moment to snap the sun setting just into the vulcano's top. You'd need a 10 carat diamond to fix on your quilt, for a cheaper version use a Swarowsky crystal!
    I am glad to hear your toe is getting better but I believe you are still groggy with medication, hence the lack of concentration. Ask Al to keep an eye on you as well as your boro.

  3. The Fuji San photo was floating around the internet. Gorgeous isn't it? How about using silver threads to give the sparks! Get well soon - Hugs Nat

  4. The photo is great inspiratoon for your fabric, hope the foot is behaving!

  5. fabulous Fuji. a pink cast - I'm surprised it's not indigo! hope the healing progresses quickly. happy stitching

    1. Ha ha Jean. I did have the option of blue but it wasn't a good blue, nowhere near indigo!


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