Monday, 29 July 2013

Lisa Treadwell

While we were in Norfolk last week we revisited a wildflower centre called Natural Surroundings that has grown since we were last there to include a nice tea shop, gift shop, and a range of wildlife activities including the pond dipping you saw Sam enjoying in my last post.  There is also an artist in residence and we were blown away by her watercolours.  Lisa Treadwell photographs nature, paints in amazing detail in watercolour and also does wood carving (as well as doing loads of environmental work at Natural Surroundings).  We couldn't resist this picture:
and it's at the framer's at the moment and will then hang in the bach.  I hope the grandchildren (or the children) are not spooked by the dragonflies!  Please go and visit Lisa's website to see more of her work and links to where she will be exhibiting.


  1. Painting those wings must have been very difficult. I understand you couldn't resist!

  2. Natural Surroundings looks a very interesting place I think I must have a drive you there some time. I love the art work.

  3. Great find, I love watercolours!

  4. What a lovely print! Just discovered your blog, Lis. Like you, am in mid fifties and recently retired from Fiction Librarian job and have been quilting for about a year as well as just getting to grips with social media! Looking forward to following your adventures!

  5. Gosh, I thought that was a photo!!!! Amazing detail


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