Monday, 1 July 2013

Quilts In The Wolds

On Saturday I went to a local quilt show with DD.  The show was the second "Quilts in the Wolds" show organised by Lindsey Patchworkers.  This is a hanging that a group of members created for Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it shows many of the attractions of the region.
DD and I were both focussed on water/seascape related projects, and even choose the same piece as our "visitors' choice".  Our photographs are mainly along this theme.  As ever, if you are in a picture and would rather not be or if you object to my sharing the work you exhibited please email me and I will remove it immediately.
These miniature seascapes are by Sandra Goldsbrough:
This usual perspective on Stonehaven Harbour by Pat Cave 
was inspired by a workshop with Janet Browne: 
 This unusual presentation, of the wonderfully named Barefoot Beach near Naples in Florida, 
was stitched by Gill Lewis.  It was difficult to take a photograph but the detail in the work 
was lovely, it was as if it was possible to walk right onto the beach.
There were two traders, a sales table, a raffle and a tombola.  All the prizes in the tombola were "inspiration bags", gorgeous colour co-ordinated collections of fabric, thread, beads, ribbon etc.  Sara and I had several goes on the tombola and came away with three bags of inspiration between us.  Oh, and there was cake :-)  Well done Lindsey Patchworkers, a great exhibition and DD bought loads of fabric and is really inspired to get stitching again now that she has finished studying for a couple of months.  For more pictures have a look at the report from Louth Eye (and interestingly, no pictures of seascapes!)  Just a couple of looking and buying pictures to finish:


  1. You've shown some wonderful pieces Lis, thank you so much. Very inspirational seascapes.

  2. Wonderful little miniatures there. My favourite is the top one by Sandra. She has used beautiful colours.The tombola sounds like a good idea - hadn't heard of that.

  3. Wonderful seascapes - I love the barefoot beach and can practically feel the sand between my toes!

  4. i love seascapes! i haven't been to barefoot beach, but my sad lines about an hour away from Naples and has taken us to his local beaches, and wow, she has captured them perfectly!

  5. How interesting! These pieces remind me of the little one that you gave me some time ago...a long time ago, it seems now!

  6. Shirleyjones.ness@gmail.com19 April 2016 at 05:13

    Lived in Aberdeen, 16 miles from Stonehaven, the quilt is so acurate it brought back loads of memories the many days spent there. Now live in East Riding an would love to quilt pictures like these. Is there any where local that I can learn?


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