Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Boro Journal Cover

I have been stitching into those pieces of indigo cloth remaining from my principle boro piece. Have I finished? 
I have included hearts because St Valentine's Day is approaching. Does Fuji san look a bit bare? Should I add a little something to the heart on the front of the cover? So many questions, I am never sure when I am finished. 
There will be an edging and lining of Japanese fabric, probably in cream, blue, pink and grey like the piece hiding behind the woven fabric here:
There will be Jean's button and a cord to close the journal. I think I need to see it at that stage and make another assessment. Maybe I need to add initials, or a date. Maybe I've finished. It doesn't matter, what is important is how much I am enjoying stitching these fabrics and recalling my time in Japan. 


  1. your just making me terminally jealous liz,lovely stuff, I hate you more every day, grr grr grr

  2. Sit on it for awhile and it will tells you if it's finish! Hugs Nat

  3. The Feather stitches on Mt Fuji remind me of the trails that go up the mountain. Interesting to see the silk peeping through the indigo boro.

  4. looking wonderful and like you are having fun. the book will tell you what it needs.


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