Thursday, 20 February 2014

Maltese Patchwork

In all my visits to Malta I have hoped and failed to find any evidence of patchwork and quilting. I've even searched through the "Yellow Pages" but the craft shops I've found have offered mainly knitting wool, cross stitch and tapestry and there is some card making appearing. Of course, Malta, and especially the smaller island, Gozo, have their own tradition of lace making and still produce very fine work although it is getting difficult to find younger people to continue the skill. There are many haberdashery shops and recently I found a small shop that seemed to be selling tassels and very little else. There are also shops selling dressmaking fabric and suiting cloth. I have, however, at long last, found some patchwork and I proudly present to you:

The Marsaxlokk Fishing Cloth


  1. Did you find that or did it find you?

  2. yaaay,,, giant boro, !! love it, I actually have a piece of maltese work in the big vintage piece I am working on, will you be adding some stitch to that fishing cloth?

  3. Well they are certainly patches worked together!! Well done for finding it!


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