Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Little Finish

This afternoon I have finished the boro book cover that I've posted about a few times. I am pleased with it and love all that it represents. I have added the length  of "kimono ribbon" that held our name cards when we travelled to various places during the Japanese Textile Study Tour in 2012.  The book inside is A4 size. 
The weather has turned chilly again after persuading us all that Spring had arrived. Good weather for sewing. 
Al and I have been looking after Sam for a few days. We are exhausted (there's a good reason why we have children while we are young) but have been having a great time. Here's Sam dressed in a onesie for the Sports Relief activities at school yesterday and he's showing off his odd socks which we all wore in support of World Down's Syndrome Day, also yesterday. 
I apologise to the writers of blogs I follow. I have not been receiving notifications from Bloglovin recently, nor have I been able to post comments from my phone when I've eventually read your posts. I will investigate but I am thinking of you all and enjoying your posts. 
Happy weekend. 


  1. Gosh! Was that 2012? Lovely to see your book cover completed and there's a lot to look at in it. Sam looks very happy in his onesie.

  2. I love your boro book. How I wish i had gone on that tour with Nat.

  3. Nice job on the book, This morning, the person sitting in front of me had on a boro jacket and I couldn't stop thinking of you!

  4. enjoying using the book, the cover is so full of memories- happy to share a little piece of it. I use my name tag cord for a curtain tie-back. love Sam's socks.

  5. Great socks Sam (& tell Grandma I love her beach huts quilt) x

  6. What a great book cover, well done Lis, and well done keeping up with Sam for a few days! He looks great - I especially love the odd socks! ( although that's frequent in our house, all except Brian are too lazy yo hunt for *pairs* of socks, so long as they feel the same that's enough!


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