Monday, 17 March 2014

Artists' Studios Spotted

These is a terrible photo, which I snapped through the coach window when I visited London at the weekend, but I wanted to make a quick record so that I could find out more once I got home, and now I want to share it with you.
The terrace, on Talgarth Road, West Kensington, is of purpose-built artists' studios, hence the large windows, which face northwards for the light.  They were designed by Frederick Wheeler in the Arts and Crafts style for James Fairless who was a publisher of classical prints.  Built in 1891, they were designed for bachelor artists and had a basement kitchen with a room for a housekeeper. The small, vertical windows on the upper floor are for the ease of bringing larges canvases in and out of the properties.  
There was an article in Country Life, which included an old drawing of the properties, which were originally known as St Paul's Studios.
One of the studios sold in 2012 for £1.3 million, leading to articles in the newspapers:
and estate agents are interested enough in the properties to do some research:  
Several estate agents' details came up in a web search and I found this photo on Rightmove, which, although the property listed is no longer for sale, shows several interior photographs too.
Further searching led me to this wonderful website, London Details, to which I shall be returning.  Travelling through London you spy so many incredible buildings, in such varied styles, and they all have their stories.  Talgarth Road is now a very busy, noisy and dusty route into central London, but the St Paul's Studios retain their elegance and their attractive features, they were Grade II listed in 1970, so the "special characteristics of the building" cannot be altered. 


  1. I am so glad to see old buildings with a history valued. In Tokyo,landmarks today are torn down tomorrow to make room for high rises. Frank Lloyd Wrights Imperial Hotel that withstood the 1923 earthquake was torn down and replaced with a building that you would never notice in passing.

  2. Thanks for this. I knew they were listed and I think had read somewhere that they were intended as artist studios, but I've been past them so many times in my life but never had this much information before. But it's a ghastly road, being a main route into London from the west. I don't think an artist would want yo live there now.

  3. I haven't been this way for a while but always looked out for them when we drove into London, they really are stunning. Thanks for the research: lovely to see inside one!

  4. the interior photos are marvelous, the furnishings are equally so. from here in the "new world they look like a film sett. wouldn't want to do the dusting.

  5. I used to drive past those houses a lot when I was younger and always admired them, so pleased to now know a little bit about them. Thank you. The pictures on rightmove are amazing I could just see myself living there.


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