Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bubbling and Steaming

Bank Holiday Weekend and time to try using the seaweeds I collected in Norfolk.
I'm using some to make a dye and some in a bundle which I'm steaming. Who knows what results I'll get, but things are looking quite brown at the moment.
I now have a dye house! Our greenhouse wasn't getting a lot of use so I've cleared it out and DH is promising me electricity very soon. I've left him a space to grow a few tomatoes so we should both be happy to potter there next Summer.


  1. lovely collection of seaweed. what do the steaming pots smell like??

  2. I'm glad you got into dyeing too Lis!

  3. A dyehouse sounds fantastic, especially with the added bonus of electricity. I've tried dyeing silk with red seaweed by simply wrapping the weed in wet silk and leaving it for a couple of weeks. Apart from slimy seaweed I did get some subtle marks. I shall look forward to seeing how yours turns out.


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