Wednesday, 13 August 2014


After leaving the bundles until a slight mould had begun to grow, which must surely be long enough, I've just opened these and been quite surprised. 
They are both a mixed bunch of sunflowers and agapanthus but the results are quite different. The "yellow" piece is cotton mordanted with alum, 
the pale piece is silk. I like the greens that have marked the silk fabric 
and am startled by the strength of the yellow on the cotton.  I took these pictures while the fabrics were still wet, I wonder whether they will be considerably paler when they dry.


I'm adding pictures taken today, 14th August, of the fabrics now they are dry. Much paler colours, especially the yellow.


  1. That yellow is a fantastic shade, well done with both

  2. These are great Lis! Janine is dyeing back in the UK too. She has some fantastic results!

  3. I love the yellow piece - where do you source your alum??

  4. I guess these will look paler when they are dry. The pale cloth has some nice spots.

  5. Interesting results from your eco dyeing Lis. A friend at Stitchcraft has been doing a lot of experiments with natural dyeing and she's go tsome fabulous effects. She's made her own mordants from rusty nails in white vinegar and with copper. I think she got the recipes from Jenny Dean's Wild Colour book. I've currently got two bundles of rose petals in silk that I should unwrap. They smell lovely :-)

  6. What lovely work - I love the vividness of that yellow. Have enjoyed reading about your processes. xCathy

  7. Thanks everyone. Gill, I got the alum from George Weil online, they have everything you could possibly need for dyeing (and other crafts too).


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