Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Elderberry Results

Here are the pieces I dyed with elderberries and elderberry leaves now they are dry.  I am really pleased with the results. The black spots on the bottom left cotton piece below are the result of a mould growing in my dye bath. Oops. I think they look interesting but can anyone tell me if the mould could be nasty, even though the fabric has been washed?
This last one is my favourite, the fabric is very fine recycled kimono lining silk.


  1. You've got some wonderful results. I don't really know about the mould but I did read recently that soaking in vinegar (not sure if that's in solution) deals with it.

  2. Gorgeous colours - did you use a mordant ???
    I love the mould marks!!

  3. The result is fantastic! Especially the last piece of kimono lining.
    The mouldy pattern is striking. You might want to remove it though. For dealing with mould, I suggest two methods:
    1) Soak in undiluted vinegar, let dry and then wash off.
    2) Place in boiling water.
    Can the fabric and the dye take either of these methods?

  4. Great results. I like those bright colors and am waiting to see how these get used.

  5. I have a piece with the same mold pattern, it is 2-3 years old and sewn into a bojagi cloth. It hasn't changed or caused a problem, I just enjoy it as part of the pattern. All I did was wash it.

  6. Wow! They are really striking - clever you! Hope that the mould just stays as a pattern and nothing more!


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