Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Journal for New Zealand

Today I have been doing a variety of crafty things.  
I made up a dye bath using elderberries, it is maturing at the moment.  The colour looks glorious but the dye is apparently quite weak and fades rapidly in sunlight.  While the dye bath looks a rich purple red the fabric may end up being a pale silver lilac. Such is the unpredictability of natural dyeing.
I have also been doing some more surprise stitchery....
And finally, I have been setting out fabric scraps to make a journal cover for my next trip to New Zealand.  It feels a little odd to be using commercial fabrics again but the Kiwiana range is glorious.  I shall hand stitch the journal cover in a similar style to the prayer flags I made and the visitor book cover I made for the Bach. 
The nights are drawing in and it feels very much like Autumn, I am certainly doing more sewing than gardening although Al's veggies are still producing quite prolifically. 


  1. I always hack down the elder plant in my garden, maybe I should let it grow one year. The New Zealand fabrics are beautiful and very evocative.

  2. Do tell - when do you plan to visit The Land of the Long White Cloud?

  3. Love the NZ fabric. I have some of them, but did nothing with it yet! Are you stopping in Melbourne? Hugs Nat

  4. Isn't the beauty and excitement of dying fabric that you don't know the result beforehand? I hope the colours will be rich and fast.
    Great fabrics from New Zealand to make into a travel journal for a trip there.
    Keep warm and snug inside and enjoy the stitching.

  5. The dye colour looks gorgeous - I hope the colour works

  6. When are you heading over to New Zealand?


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